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Staying Healthy In The Winter Cold And Flu Season



Being sick is not fun, and missing school is stressful for kids and parents.  Working together, families and schools can decrease the spread of germs.


Did you know the school can help stop sickness from spreading?  Every day our custodians clean, but if we know a specific illness is going around we can take extra steps.  The school receives no money if a child is unable to attend school for at least a portion of the day regardless of reason—your honesty about illness vs. planned absence helps us respond quickly to true illness and keeps other kids from getting sick.  Kids should be without fever for 24 hours before returning to school.


Please report every absence by 9 AM by calling our Attendance Hot Line, 925-927-3558.

Guideline for message:

--Child’s first and last name and teacher

--Name of person reporting absence

--Specific symptoms are not required by law but can very much help the school control infections

                  Fever (greater than 100.4)?

                  Vomiting and/or diarrhea?

                  Sore throat?


                  Required a prescription for flu, strep, or pneumonia? (not ear infections)

If you are unable to call, please send a note when your child returns, stating first and last name, date and reason for absence


What else can we do at home?

Encourage hand washing and cover those coughs/sneezes!

If someone is sick in the home, consider extra cleaning to reduce spread.  Viruses can survive up to a few days on hard surfaces, and some bacteria (like strep) can survive on hard surfaces for months!

Talk to your doctor to see if a flu vaccine is right for you and your family.