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First Grade 'Botanist' Scavenger Hunt!

Mrs. Stryker's Class spent time in the Computer Lab recently learning about plants during their Botanist Scavenger Hunt.  Working with partners, these 'research scientists' discovered wonderful things about plants, like how they grow, what they are used for and how they help us.

Fourth Grade and The Hour of Code

Mr. Dodd's class was introduced to the concepts of Computer Science during the Computer Lab's "Hour of Code."  Designed with drag-and-drop programming, these game-like, self-directed tutorials, helped students learn repeat-loops, conditionals, and basic algorithms. Check out the webite:                  

Bobcat Bootcamp

Bobcat Bootcamp is about identifying the essential tools and programs to be used by students throughout the year. By focusing on essential skills at the beginning of the year, students are equipped to use their grade-level appropriate “basic training” throughout the rest of the year in integrated projects that are connected to core curriculum. The objective is to have students become comfortable with the tools of technology before introducing content that is rich and deep so students can concentrate on the learning, not the tool.

Check Out These Links!

Computer Lab

Our Purpose

As the role of technology in schools evolves, our primary goal remains – to ensure all students have authentic and equitable opportunities to build 21st Century skills. 

Below outlines our goals for each grade level.  With regular collaboration, we work with teachers to develop lab activities and classroom-based projects that support curriculum standards. The actual activities sometimes vary, but the overall skills being targeted at each grade-level do align.

Common Tech Experiences

The Computer Lab has some wonderful new art on display! Come check it out!

It's All Happening At BVE!!!

So. Much. Good. Stuff!

Mrs. Zenoni's Genius Hour Featuring Sphero!



Second Grade Poems

BVE Second Graders wrote wonderful poetry, then photographed and recorded their work using the iPad app StoryKit.  

Check out these examples!

StoryKit Poems

AIM Class Uses Tellagami for Book Reviews

The 4/5 AIM class is using the iPad app Tellagami for a new way to present book reviews!  We changed them into QR codes just for fun!  Get out your QR code reader and check out this sample:

Tech Toolbox

Digital Citizenship