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Contact Info: Jenn Meany

925-927-3550  ext. 5038

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Welcome to Mrs. Meany's Class

Welcome to Room 38!


Reading and Writing

Writing:  Narratives

We are starting the year out with narrative writing.  The kids are working on writing, revising, and publishing realistic fiction stories.  Basically, the kids start every writer's workshop at the carpet where they listen to a 10 minute lesson teaching a particular skill to improve their writing.  They will then go back to their seats to independently write and practice the skill they just learned.  By the end of the unit, they will have published a great piece of writing that will make them proud.  


Reading: Reader's workshop

We are starting the year creating a fabulous reading atmosphere where the kids challenge themselves, read appropriate books at their level, have meaningful discussions about the literature they have chosen, and understand the routines and expectations of being a fourth grade reader.  

MATH:  If you need to find out more about a certain math strategy, or if you are looking for help in how to solve a particular math problem, look here!

Math: First unit

We are starting out the year with our first math unit on addition, subtraction, and place value.  The students will be learning to solve a variety of problems many different ways.  They will become more powerful learners as they do more mental math and really start to think about the math strategies before solving problems.  A fourth grade mathematician will persevere in solving problems, communicate their mathematical thinking and reasoning, challenge themselves to solve problems efficiently, and have fun in the whole process!

Subtraction: Standard Algorithm

Here's a short video explaining standard algorithm with subtraction.

Subtraction: Open number line


Ordering Scholastic Books

Scholastic Book Orders

You can now order the perfect books for your child  -- Shop the new online Book Clubs web site.  It is so simple!  Here's how it works:

Sign up at On the parent page, click the "Register" button in the "First Time Here?" section.  Register for your own user name and password.  When prompted, enter the one-time Activation Code:  H4MMD


Send your order to me online and your child's books will be delivered directly to my classroom. You can also send in your order with your child with a check made out to Scholastic.

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Homework Policy:  Each child is different.  So, the homework is differentiated to match each student's needs.  Unfinished work comes home for homework, also.



Reading:  Read an appropriate length depending on your child's needs.  



Reading:  Read an appropriate length depending on your child's needs.  



Reading:  Read an appropriate length depending on your child's needs.  



Reading:  Read an appropriate length depending on your child's needs.