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Open Number Line


Lafayette District Calendar

2018-19 Instuctional Calendar

Check Your Conference Times Here!

The times you schedule at Back to School Night will be here for your viewing pleasure...

Please make sure to note your conference time on your calendar or mobile device.  If you aren't on the schedule and need to be added, let me know via email which open time will work for you.  -Randy


Conference Schedule-2.pdf


“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

                                                          -Thomas A. Edison 


Randy Dodd

925-927-3550  ext. 5037


Attendance Line:

925-927-3550  ext. 3554



Monday  8:30-9:15



Tuesday 12:30-1:15



Tuesday 1:30-2:30


Physical Education

Friday 12:30-1:15


Science Lab

Friday 1:30-2:30


BVE Garden

Dates & times to follow


P.E./Fitness -

Students will be running daily, so wear or bring appropriate shoes.

Randy Dodd

100 Days...and more!



Welcome to our class webpage! 


Here's a quick peak at some of the cool stuff we'll be doing over the next few weeks.


Writing - Literary Essays

We recently started our Lit Essay writing section.  We've been reading, discussing and finding great themes within the stories we've chosen.  As a class, we gather together to work on the day's mini-lesson, talk with peers about how to implement the new ideas & skills and finally head back to our Writers Workshop Journals to put these skills to work and do some independent writing. Students are learning to find story themes, state reasons for their theme decision and provide evidence to support their ideas. 


Reading -  Realistic Fiction

We will be taking samples from a variety of authors/books to look at the different ways writers build their stories. Kids will have the opportunity to analyze the characters, search out themes, look at the "writer's craft" (word choice, descriptive details, voice, etc.) 


Math - Laying the foundation…

We've been working super hard to gain mastery of multiplication and division using a variety of strategies; chunking/area model/partial products for multiplication and partial quotient for division. 





"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."  -Wayne Gretzky

Ready or not, here we come...




   Welcome to our class webpage.  Throughout the year, we’ll be posting updates to special events, schedules, daily work and all sorts of other information on the site.  As much as possible, I’ll try to get student involvement on the types of things they’d like to include on our class webpage.

    This will be an exciting, fun and sometimes hectic year for your students.  Fourth grade is filled with lots of new experiences, both academic and social, that your kids will be learning and growing from.  We’ll be looking at “new” and different ways to think about math, doing some “deep thinking” about the books we’ll read, and of course...lots of writing.  If you ever have a questions about assignments, check the homework section of our webpage, it’s updated daily.  Students will also be using computers to do REAL research on topics THEY choose, which will truly make these projects their own! 

    As you can tell, there’s lots of coolness that will be happening in Room #37 this year.  With all that cool, comes a responsibility from the students to climb aboard and, as the wise philosopher Larry the Cable Guy says, “Git-r-Done”.  Students will be held accountable daily to manage their own work, projects, general behavior and social relationships.  To strengthen and support the skills needed to grow and excel in these areas, we will continue developing the 6 traits of “Character Counts”, that students have been working on throughout their years at BVE. 

    All said, we are looking forward to a GREAT year in Room #37!  We will all be challenged.  We will all have fantastic days and not-so-fantastic days.  We will all learn tons of new things this year, in lots of different subject areas.  And most importantly, we will all have a great time in a RESPECTFUL and FUN learning environment!

Thanks for allowing me to spend the school year with your students.

Mr. Dodd (Randy)

It is OK for students to struggle with their work!  PRODUCTIVE STRUGGLE IS POWERFUL!  Studies show that our brains grow "stronger" as we struggle to solve problems. The process of working through a problem causes synapses within our brain to fire, which much like a physical workout growing our muscles stronger, this mental workout helps our brain develop.  

"He who is afraid to ask, is afraid of learning." -anonymous

Link to Google Docs

Google Classroom


Over the course of the next few weeks, students will be selecting two classroom representatives for the BVE Student Council. If your student is interested in "running" for student council, they'll be preparing a short "speech" for the class. The top two vote getters will be our new fall term student council representatives.

Calendar of Events
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You can now order the perfect books for your child  -- Shop the new online Book Clubs web site.  It is so simple!  Here's how it works:

Sign up at On the parent page, click the "Register" button in the "First Time Here?" section.  Register for your own user name and password.  When prompted, enter the one-time Activation Code:   HDCCN

Send your order to me online and your child's books will be delivered directly to my classroom. You can also send in your order and a check made out to Scholastic with your child.


"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

      -Maya Angelou



9/3           Labor Day

10/8         Staff Development

11/12       Holiday

11/19-23  Thanksgiving Break

12/21-1/4 Winter Break (12/21 noon dismissal)

1/21         Holiday

2/15-18    President's Day Weekend

3/11         Staff Development

4/1-5       Spring Break

5/27        Memorial Day

6/6          Last Day of School (noon dismissal)

Things to Do...In class or at home.

Nightly Reading : 40-45 minutes nightly


Problem of the Week (POW) - 1 problem per week 

Math Menu - Handed out Monday, returned Friday

Multiplication Math Facts - 10 minutes daily


*Crazy Hair day on Wednesday, 2/6/19

*Global Play Day on Wednesday, 2/6/19

*BVE Skate Night on Thursday, 2/7/19


** Students are welcome to work on classroom assignments both in class and at home.