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Helen Rasmussen

925-927-3550 ext 5014


  BVE Office 925-927-3550 

  Attendance Line

  925-927-3550 ext. 3554

Mystery Reader

Ozzy's mom was our mystery reader this week.  The students enjoyed the story The Book with No Pictures. It was so fun having her read to us!

Star of the Week!



A poster and a directions sheet will be sent home with your child the Friday before they are Star of the Week.  Please add pictures and answer the questions on the poster and return to school on Monday.   



Students with integrity!

Optimistic First Graders!

Hard Working First Graders!

Courageous First Graders!

Fun Websites







Why our children are less patient, more lonely and more entitled than generations before? ? By Becky Mansfield

10. Teach by Example. 
If you want your child to change, you must first make a change.   Show your children where your priorities lie.  Family, your spouse, etc… act the way that you want your child to act and they will quickly follow your lead.  Let your child see you reading a book, washing dishes, making dinner, having conversations where you sit and look the person in the eye. Demonstrate kindness, consistency, hard-work.


Being a parent is the hardest, most important job we could ever have.   We only have 18 years to instill the qualities to last them a lifetime.    I’ve seen so many families turn their lives around and reboot their families.  I’ve seen so many children reengaged with the things that matter just by incorporating these things.  It matters and you are the key

Can we run a marathon?

I have challenged the kids to run the distance of a marathon (26.2 miles)!  As a fun fitness activity, the class will be running a few laps each week and I will keep track of their distance.  We are hoping to complete a marathon by the end of the year!


Helen Rasmussen

Monday:  8:30 Check email for a message and assignments/activities

                10 a.m. whole class Zoom call, Topic- What's the news?  (Share some "news" about you!)

                1:30-2:30 p.m. Office hours


Tuesday:  8:30 Check email for a message and assignments/activities

                  1-1 Zoom meetings

                  1:30-2:30 p.m. Office hours

Wednesday:  8:30 Check email for a message and assignments/activities 

                      1-1 Zoom meetings

                      1:30-2:30 p.m. Office hours

Thursday:  8:30 Check email for a message and assignments/activities

                   1-1 Zoom meetings

                   1:30-2:30 p.m. Office hours

Friday: 8:30 Check email for a message and assignments/activities 

            10 a.m. whole class Zoom call, Topic-Weekly sharing- this week bring a joke to share,  

             1:30-2:30 p.m. Office hours


*Office Hours:  Office hours will be a designated time that I will be available to respond to you real time via email or phone.


*Zoom: The night before  Zoom meetings I will send you an email with a link and sign in code. I will be using the waiting room for security.





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Class Code: lys7167

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Brain Pop Jr!

username: lafsd

password: Lafayette1


Scholastic News

classroom password: TSXL7R

We are officially 100 days smarter!  We had fun celebrating the 100th day of school this week.

Classroom Volunteers






Book Orders

Scholastic book orders are a great way to add to your home library.  Books are fairly inexpensive.

You can easily order online at:

Our class activation code is: DW66V

Sharing Schedule

Tuesday Avery, Fletcher, Josh, Maya, Sasha, Tristan

Wednesday  Bridget, Georgia, Lauren, Mila, Shaela, Troy

Thursday  Carina, Grant, Liam, Ozzy, Tabitha, Valentina

Friday Collins, Grayson, Maverick, Richie, Teddy