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Helen Rasmussen

925-927-3550 ext 5014


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Star of the Week!



Respectful First Graders!



The next BVE Pillar is RESPONSIBILITY. 


This week Fran's mom was our Mystery Reader!  It was so fun having her read to us.  We all enjoyed the books There's a Snake in My School by David Walliams and The Christmas Wish by Lori Evert.

Fun Websites

Can we run a marathon?

I have challenged the kids to run the distance of a marathon (26.2 miles)!  As a fun fitness activity, the class will be running a few laps each week and I will keep track of their distance.  We are hoping to complete a marathon by the end of the year!


Helen Rasmussen


 December 10-14

Holiday Sing

The annual Burton Valley Holiday sing will be  Friday, December 21.   Our class will be in the second performance starting at 10:30.  I hope to see you all there for this special event.

Book Bonanza

We will be going to the Book Bonanza on Thursday, December 13 to support the fire victims.  It is sponsored by Ms. Martinsen’s 4th and 5th graders.  If you think your child would like to buy a book or two, please have them come to school with a handful of change.  The books are very inexpensive, it is amazing what they can purchase with just a few quarters!  It is much easier for the kids if they have change instead of dollar bills.  Thanks for your support.

Social Studies

We have started a unit learning about different holiday traditions around the world.  This week we "flew" to Israel, Mexico and the Netherlands.  We all had our passports so we got in and out of the countries easily!  We will be visiting other countries and learning about more fun traditions next week. 

The Gift of Kindness!


This month, Room 14 is giving the Gift of Kindness!  We have made new friends, helped a friend who is hurt, written letters of kindness to our office staff, sat with a new person at lunch and helped to clean the BVE playground.  Look at how much trash we picked up on Friday!  Wow - what kind first graders.

It is easy to see that the holiday season is here!  The children have an extra amount of energy these days.  We will be doing some fun December activities including writing, reading, math, and art related to the different holidays, but we will also be sticking to our regular schedule.  Please try to keep your schedules at home as normal as possible (yes, I know this may be impossible) so that we can all stay focused at school!


Classroom Volunteers

Tuesday 9:15-10:00





Wednesday 10:45-11:45




Thursday 9:15-10:00





Friday Folders: Korpita


Free Share - The last share of 2018!

Book Orders

Scholastic book orders are a great way to add to your home library.  Books are fairly inexpensive.

You can easily order online at:

Our class activation code is: DW66V

Sharing Schedule

Tuesday Abigail, Cara, Fran, Kaden, Maisey, Poppy  

Wednesday Andres, Claire, Hannah, Kai, Malone, Romy  

Thursday Brady, Connor, Henry, Kaya, Max, Sam  

Friday Camilla, Dylan, Jack, Luke, Melissa ,Xiao    


•  12/21  Holiday Sing

              Early Dismissal

•  12/24-1/4 Winter Break

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