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Contact Mrs. Bertics


 classroom phone:

(925) 927-3550 ext. 5004

you will be put through to voice mail during school hours but I will return calls promptly


BVE attendance line

(925) 927-3550 ext.3554

Literacy and Math Games




*this requires a password, please ask me for yours




Dates to Save

These are dates you will want to be at school!


Holiday Sing

December 21

8:45 show


Tuesday, January 15

all room 4 children attend 


for our field trip today!!


Dad's Day*

Wednesday, March 27



Open House for 


April 25th



Mom's Day*

Wednesday, May 8



Kindergarten Circus

May, 31 10:00


*or one special family member!

















Cathy Bertics

Happy December!


Dear Wonderful Room 4 Families,   


   We have had a busy start to the month of December!   This month we are focusing on winter holidays around the world.  Many of these holidays have similar traditions of special foods, candles, decorations, giving presents, and family time.  We also started the month with many different gingerbread stories and the students had fun creating their own gingerbread cookie!

   We continue to have lots of fun with our writing workshop!  We are diving into true stories.  Stories that really happened, whether it is a big or small story.  In reading we are working in our very own book boxes now!  Each week the students are able to "shop" for books that they would like to read.

    On Friday, December 21st we will have the Holiday Sing.  This is a special Burton Valley tradition.  The kindergarteners all wear their pajamas to school that day and all attend school from 8:15-11:45.  Our class will sing at the end of the first show.

    In planning ahead for next month ... all room 4 children will attend school as early birds (8:15-12:45) on Tuesday, January 15th so we can go on our field trip to the Lindsay Museum.


                                Thank you for sharing your children with me!

































 Our Daily Pledge

"I pledge to myself

on this day

to promise to be kind

in every way.

I have friends 

who are big and small.

I will help them if they fall.

When I love myself 

and others too,

that is the best 

that I can do!"

Character Counts
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Scholastic Books Orders

  Each month I will send home an order form for Scholastic books.  You may order books online, or bring in the order form and a check.  This is a wonderful way to build your library at home and support the class library at the same time.  When ordering online please use the code FMTZM


Online Resources for Parents