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Jill Stryker Contact info

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(925) 927-3550 ex. 5016

Attendance Line

(925) 927-3550 x 3554



Scholastic Book Orders

Stryker class code is HD4D3


Let me know if you want to order books for your child for the holidays.  I can keep it a secret!




Welcome to Room 16

Happy Holidays!

Writing Workshop

We've launched into our non-fiction unit.  We are learning about text features in non-fiction writing.   The children are researching and pulling out important facts to add to their writing.  We will finish up our unit and publish later on this week.



Reading Workshop

With reading partners we made non-fiction posters. The groups were so excited to share their work with the class.  The children did amazing work and worked well with their partners.  GREAT JOB!

Math Workshop

Math Menu #2 includes

-Connect Four

-Subtraction War

-Get to 100

-Hang 10

-0,1,2,3 What Number Will it Be?

-$$ Dice Game

Addition War-3 Addends


-Sweet 13

In addition to our math menu, we continue to work on word problems with missing variables, money activities, and shapes.


Upcoming Events

Book Bonanza-Our class will shop on Thursday Dec. 13th.  Have your child bring some extra change to school to buy some gently used books.  


* FOOD DRIVE-bring in cans to Room 16! 


Holiday Sing-Dec. 21st- Room 16 is in the 2nd performance which starts at 10:30.


Friday, Dec. 21st- 12:15 dismissal


Winter Break-Dec. 22- Jan. 6th







Music-Angela Schmidt- Mondays 1:30

PE-Tuesdays 2:00 and daily morning stretches

PE-Thursdays 9:45-10:30

Library-Cody Greene- Wednesdays 10:45-11:15

Science Lab-Mallory Peirce- Thursdays 1:30-2:30

LPIE Art-Sally Anne Dunne- Every other Friday 10:45-11:45


What is the Workshop Model?

Routines and procedures for classroom instruction are the instructional components of the Workshop model.  The model includes:



Typically around 10 minutes.  This whole class direct instruction is delivered by the teacher in various ways.

  • conduct a shared reading
  • read and think aloud for a specific purpose
  • teach a key concept
  • demonstrate a writing strategy
  • direct students in a hands-on activity

Independent Work Time

Students work on their own, in pairs, or small groups.  The teacher circulates to be sure all students are on task, then moves to:

  • confer with individual students
  • work with small groups in direct instruction

Debrief Session:

Teacher brings the class back together at the meeting area to:

  • recap the day's learning
  • check for understanding
  • review mini lesson by focusing on the work of 1-2 students
  • allow students to share their work with the class


Social Studies



We love our 5th grade buddies in Mrs. Gaylord's class!  Last week we did mystery pictures with them.

This week we made snowflakes and read holiday books.


We having been spending time researching non-fiction on EPIC.  This week we practiced coding on a site called Hour of Code.