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Wet Pet of the Month
Wet Pet of the Month

We have a tropical tank with 2 Black Skirt Tetras in it! None of the fish have names.

John Muir House Field Trip, 10/2
John Muir House Field Trip, 10/2

Return permission slips as soon as possible. Email me if you want to drive





Carol Kerr

Notes from Room 25

We have been having a little fun with grammar! Yes, you read that correctly! Invitational Grammar asks students to notice everything they can about a model sentence. Then we ask them to replace certain words, but the sentence still has to be "perfect" when they modify it. One of the sentences we used was from a book we read, Katie Woo and the Class Pet, by Fran Manushkin - One day, Miss Winkle asked, "Who would like to have a class pet?"  Kids changed the name, but had to be sure that it was capitalized. They changed the noun, pet, as well. The use of quote marks was helpful for our Small Moment pieces. When we shared our sentences, we were laughing pretty hard. Some of the words they chose were hilarious!


We are getting ready to choose a Small Moment, edit it, revise it, illustrate it and prepare it for publishing! 2nd grade writers write lots or words across lots of pages, their characters talk, move, think and feel, they write an opener that grabs the reader and they end the piece (without using "the end"!). In our editing we are looking for capital letters for all proper nouns and the first letter of each sentence, as well as punctuation at the of each sentence. 


In Reading Workshop, we are working on retelling what happened in a short book, or in a chapter, with a reading partner. Feel free to ask your child what they are reading for homework and have them retell a bit of the story. We also learned that good readers stop and jot, to help them remember what's happening in a story.


Kidztype and Dance Mat Typing help kids get used to having their hands and fingers on the home row. Feel free to let kids do some typing at home. We logged on to the Epic reading site. It gives kids access to thousands of books. You may not be able to access it home, since has a subscription fee for parents. If you need a teacher name or password, email me, or I can send it home with your child. 


LPIE ART lessons begin soon. I will check in with the Instructor and see when she needs some parent help. I'll email the folks who signed up to help soon.


See you next week at conferences!


Keep Reading!

Mrs. Kerr



September 16 -20 Conference Week, Noon Dismissal

October 2, Field Trip to John Muir Historic Site



Help your child find just right books at their reading level using this fantastic Website:


Scholastic Book Wizard

Click on Guided Reading A-Z


The black book bag should be coming home Monday-Thursday with a book or two in it. Homework is 20 minutes of reading each night. (If kids read, more, that's great!) We are all working on how to choose books ... not too easy, not too hard! There should be a Reading Log in the Black Book Bag. Students are supposed to write down what books they are reading at home and at school. Improving reading comprehension takes a lot of work. If kids read lots of books at their "just right" level, they will increase reading comprehension skills quicker.

Learn to Type

BBC's Dance Mat Typing website is a great place to practice typing! Be sure fingers are in home row position!

Kidstype is another great resource for practice.