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Carol Kerr

Holiday Sing 12/21, Early Show

Notes from Room 25

Can you make a book stand up on just one sheet of construction paper?! That was our Engineering Challenge this past week! The answer is "yes"! We learned that engineers identify a problem and then try to solve it. The second graders worked in small groups to balance a dictionary on one piece of paper. They soon learned that rolling the paper works. Then we tested to see how much weight the columns could hold! I think 13 books was our record!


It's just about time to publish our information books! The kids have written several "All About..." books and now they are ready to "fancy them up"! What will help your reader understand what you are trying to teach? Nonfiction writers use text features to help their audience learn. So after writing the text of their book, the second grade authors are adding maps, captioned pictures, labeled drawings, glossaries, fancy fonts, bold words, comparisons (a definite favorite!), cut-away drawings and much more, to their books. We will also add an introduction and a closer before we are finally ready to have a publishing celebration.


We had a good time work with our forth grade buddies on our Math Menu 2 activities! Mrs. Rodriguez and I plan to have our classes meet about every other week. Last week, the second graders taught the big buddies how to play several math "games". The big buddies were great about asking the little buddies to explain their thinking! Math Menu 2 went home in the Friday Folder, ask your child to teach you some of the activities! We have also been using Versatiles (they solve a series of problems and create a pattern with the tiles) to help us work on our word problem skills.


December 3-9 is Computer Science Education Week! We practiced some coding this week! Lightbot is a great introduction to coding and is linked on this page. Our Librarian, Mrs. Greene introduced the kids to a coding Dance Party on In addition to activities in many other subjects, we have been using the Chromebooks for typing practice about two times a week. Our goal now is to use "home row" position for typing in logins! They want to use the good ol' hunt and peck method! It takes a lot of practice to increase speed and accuracy in typing! If you want to have them practice at home, they can. The link to Dance Mat typing is on this page. I've linked another learn to type website, as well. There are lots of other "learn to type" formats, if you have another favorite. Just be sure the hands are in home row position.


The kids are rehearsing their songs for the Holiday Sing! I will accompanying them on piano, so I'd better be rehearsing, too! We sing at the early show -8:45 is the start time.


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Mrs. Kerr


December 22-January 6, Winter Break, no school

January 21, Martin Luther King, Jr  Holiday, no school



The black book bag comes home every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. It should have 1-2 books in it for the required 20 minutes of reading each night. Students should also record what they are reading on the enclosed Reading Log. If students what to read more than 20 minutes, they can read any book they choose. Reading with a grown-up is also encouraged!

Learn to Type

BBC's Dance Mat Typing website is a great place to practice typing! Be sure fingers are in home row position!

Kidstype is another great resource for practice.


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