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My family
My family
Volunteers this week

Wednesday:  10:45-11:40 Eric, Jess


Thursday:  10:45-11:40  Andrea, Nora



Tuesday:  Science Lab

Thursday:  Library

Friday:  Music, LPIE Art, Buddies

Eileen Leach

We loved bringing our stuffies to school!
We loved bringing our stuffies to school!
Ask your first grader:

1. What does the "size of the problem" mean? What is a glitch, bummer or disaster? We read a book, watched a video and role played scenarios learning how to match our reaction with the "size of the problem".  

2. What is a 3-act task in math?  Tell me about one that you've done in room 15!   A three act task is a math scenario/problem with three acts.  First we notice and wonder, then we create a reasonable estimate and last we solve the problem.  We have solved two 3-act tasks so far- one with an egg carton and broken eggs, and one with a bunch of balloons that pop. Learning how to notice important details, create reasonable estimates and solve problems as a group is a very important first grade skill.

3. What do you know about ckWe say "the two letter /k/ after one short vowel" (pick, Jack, sock).

Noon dismissal for conference week!

No sharing this week due to short days.

Mystery Readers

We are first graders!
We are first graders!