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    The Clendenin Family
    The Clendenin Family
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    The Morrison Family

    Weekly Specials

    Science Lab: Wednesdays


    Library: Mondays


    Music: Fridays


    Art: Fridays


    P.E.: Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays


    Running Club!

    We are participating in Running Club in Room 17, along with other fellow first grade classes.  We have a goal to run or walk an entire MARATHON by the end of first grade!  Along the way there will be some fun incentives to keep us excited. We look forward to achieving this goal as we exercise and be healthy as a class!


    **Update!  We started Running Club and students are so excited!  We will usually do Running Club Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Please wear appropriate shoes!

    Unit 2: Time and Place


    Some topics of study:

    -Using maps and globes

    -States, Continents and Oceans

    -Models and Locations

    -Map making, Map Legends and Directions

    -Where do we live?

    -Weather and shelter



    Character Counts!


    This month's pillar of focus: Responsibility

    *Do what you are supposed to do

    • Plan ahead

    • Be diligent

    • Persevere

    • Do your best

    • Use self-control

    • Be self-disciplined

    • Think before you act

    • Be accountable for your words, actions and attitudes

    • Set a good example for others


    Room 17

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    We love 1st grade!
    We love 1st grade!

    December 3- 7

    This week in phonics we studied the ending blends "nk" and "ng."  We talked about how the vowels a, i, o and u "slide" into those ending sounds.  We read and wrote words like blink, song, bank and stunk.


    In Writers' Workshop we were very excited to start our second publishing process.  Students took some time to edit their chosen piece for writing structure.  They looked and added things like a story beginning, order words, a story ending, and pictures with labels.  Students then thought of creative titles for their pieces and made covers for their books.  They are SO excited to share these stories that we wanted to send them home so you can enjoy them together!  Please take some time to have your child read their piece to two people over the weekend.  On the back of their book is a paper for you to write a compliment about their story.  Please return these books in your child's Friday Folder to the classroom on Monday!


    In math we talked about how numbers can be related to make two addition problems and two subtraction problems.  In first grade we call these numbers a "fact family."  We practiced solving fact family equations to help us memorize math facts and see number patterns.  There is a fact family homework game in this week's Friday Folder that you can play at home with your child.  In the classroom we enjoyed this concept so much that we even made a fact family gingerbread neighborhood!  Come in and check it out!


    This week's December holiday we studied was Hanukkah.  We did a special Hanukkah art project, read books about Hanukkah and even wrote a page about what we learned.  Before break we will take all these special pages and put them into a special December Holidays book for you to enjoy with your family over break!


    Lastly, we thought for the month of December we would help the kids think about being kind and caring as the holiday frenzy surrounds us.  We created an interactive bulletin board called "The Gift of Kindness."  Each day, we "open a gift" and it lists an act of kindness for students to participate in.  As they complete the act throughout the day, they sign their initials on our board.  The students are very excited and motivated by this idea and we hope it provides them with some ways they can give not only during December, but beyond.  Feel free to stop in after school and have your first grader tell you more about this special board!





    Respect Nominees
    Respect Nominees
    PE with our new teacher, Mrs. Mackenzie
    PE with our new teacher, Mrs. Mackenzie


    How can you give a gift without spending money?

    Sharing Schedule

    Not only is sharing a great way for students to tell us more about themselves, but it also helps develop public speaking skills. In our class students present their sharing and then get to answer questions from the audience. Sharing topics will be announced weekly on our website. If students forget their sharing they can tell about it or just share next week on the new topic. 


    Monday           Tuesday          Thursday          Friday              


    Mazin                Aine                Leo H.                Hannah

    Jessica              Liam               Kellan                 Raylan

    Georgia             Will                 Logan                 Nathan

    Talis                  Matthew          Lucy                   Locke

    Leo C.               Peyton            Jeffrey                Connor

    Wyatt                Avery               Charley              Ellie   



    1.  I heard you are studying holiday and traditions that happen in December and this week you focused on Hanukkah.  Tell me something you learned!


    2.   In math you learned how numbers are related and that you can call those numbers a "fact family."  Can you give me an example of a fact family? (2,3,5:  2+3=5,  3+2=5,  5-3=2, 5-2=3)

    Mark Your Calendars!




    *December 20: Room 17 Holiday party, 1:30-2:42

    *December 21: Half day, 12:15 dismissal

    *December 24-January 4: Winter Break





    Classroom Volunteers





    12/3: 10:45, Dafferner

    12/3: 12:45, Wilson

    12/5: 10:00, Christensen

    12/6: 10:45, Wilson

    12/7: 12:30, Fairhurst

    12/10: 10:45, Luengo

    12/10: 12:45, White

    12/12: 10:00, Warner

    12/13: 9:45, Warner

    12/13: 10:45, Kmet

    12/17: 10:45, Dafferner

    12/17: 12:45, Wilson

    12/20: 9:45, Christensen

    12/20: 10:45, Gilbert




    *If you are unable to make your shift, please try to find coverage or just let us know!


    Thank you!!




    Scholastic Book Orders




    Class Code - QJ8P9

    Order Due Date -  Monday, December 3

    *Online orders only please. No checks or cash! 


    First Time Ordering Online?
    •Go to

    •Enter our one-time Class Activation Code: QJ8P9
    •Shop and submit your child's book order.
    •Your books will be delivered directly to the classroom.


    A poster and a directions sheet will be sent home with your child the Friday before they are Star of the Week.  Please add pictures and answer the questions on the poster to return to school on Monday.  Friday morning at 8:30 we will have the star presentation- all family members are welcome!  



    *Dec. 10- 14: Lucy

    *Jan. 7- 11: Matthew

    *Jan 14-18: Jeffrey

    *Jan 22-25: Hannah









    November Reading Due! If you forgot, please turn in Monday!




    Homework will consist of two components, a mandatory reading calendar and a math game. 

    For those who want something extra, a monthly extra credit calendar filled with ideas will be sent home.  


    1.  Reading Calendar:  First graders are expected to practice reading for at least 20 minutes daily.  Remember, “reading time” can be either your child reading silently, out loud or you reading to them.  To show that your child has completed their 20 minutes of reading, have them draw a check mark or a happy face directly onto their reading calendar.  


    2.  Math:  Games will be sent home frequently in the Friday Folder.  Please keep all games at home for continued practice.  


    Extra Credit:  If your student would like additional assignments, an extra credit calendar will be on the back of the reading calendar.


    Homework is given monthly and the reading calendar (and extra credit calendar if complete) will be due on the last school day of each month to receive credit.


    We hope this helps to free up your evenings to do things that will correlate with student success- eat dinner with your family, read together, play outside and get your child to bed early.


    A Peek into Science Lab


    Fall Unit of Study: Patterns and Cycles in the Sky


    Students will engage in lessons on the following topics:


    *Sun and Moon

    *Star patterns and cylces

    *Day and Night

    *Fall planting in the garden