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    The Morrison Family
    Weekly Specials

    Science Lab: Wednesdays


    Library: Thursdays


    Music: Fridays


    Art: Fridays


    P.E.: Thursdays


    Running Club!

    We are participating in Running Club in Room 17, along with other fellow first grade classes.  We have a goal to run or walk an entire MARATHON by the end of first grade!  Along the way there will be some fun incentives to keep us excited. We look forward to achieving this goal as we exercise and be healthy as a class!




    Unit 1: Citizenship


    Some topics of study:

    -How do we make rules?

    -How do we show respect?


    -Rights and opinions

    Character Counts!





    Room 17

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    We love first grade!
    We love first grade!
    September 9- 13



    In Readers' Workshop we started a new reading strategy topic:  "What to do when you are stuck!"  Over the next week we will be introducing a different reading tip to help students read hard words.  Each tip is accompanied with a stuffed animal that explains the tip and gets kids excited to try it!  This week we met Eagle Eye (a bald eagle who looks for clues in the pictures to help solve difficult words), Lips the Fish (a fish who looks at the first letter in the word and gets their lips ready to make that sound), and Back Trackin' Bear (a bear who reminds you to reread until it makes sense).   Ask your first grader about these stuffed animals and try using their strategies together as you read at home!


    In math we are continuing to review number sense.  We also tried out math rotations for the first time and students did great!  On Mondays and Thursdays, students will rotate around the classroom to different stations and work in small groups led by a teacher, our aide or a parent.  This week we got to do math tile logic puzzles, play a game with counters called "make 10"  and played a subtraction game called "counters in a cup."  Students also got to do an independent paper and pencil seat work activity.


    In Writers' Workshop we continued our study on narrative writing.  This week we tried a new strategy- writing in "itty bitty steps."  When students can break down a big activity into smaller steps, they often are able to more easily include details.  (ex: Instead of writing that they fell at recess, they break the action into smaller steps.  I was running on the playground.  Then a ball rolled in font of me.  I tripped on the ball!  I fell and scraped my knee.)


    A few reminders:


    *Thank you to all who have already turned in the permission slips and donation check!  If you haven't done so yet, please return them in the Friday Folder.


    *Our library day is Thursday.  You can return your book that day or any day prior to the classroom.  If you forget your book, you can always return the book after school directly to the library!


    Have a wonderful weekend!













    There is no sharing this week due to short days.  We will pick up again next week!

    Sharing Schedule

    Not only is sharing a great way for students to tell us more about themselves, but it also helps develop public speaking skills. In our class students present their sharing and then get to answer questions from the audience. Sharing topics will be announced weekly on our website. If students forget their sharing they can tell about it or just share next week on the new topic. 


    Monday           Tuesday          Thursday          Friday              

    Dillon             Hadley            Eva                   Ben                  

    Harley            Ally                 Carter               Emma 

    Aidan             Genevieve      Evan                 Liev 

    Ingrid             Adelyn             Kale                 Lillian 

    Malcolm         John               Bennett            Keelin   

    Sutton            Ian                  Benjamin 




    1. I heard you learned about a writing tool called a sound-a-bet.  Tell me how this tool works.  (We basically sing the sounds of the alphabet instead of saying the letter names.  Students each have this chart in their Writing Folders as a tool to help them spell and stretch out words independently.)


    2.  In math we have been working on problem solving and showing our thinking through words, pictures and a number equation.  Give your child some math stories and have them solve using all three of these ways to "prove" their answer! (ex: I had 6 cookies.  My mom made me 4 more.  How many cookies do I have total?)

    Mark Your Calendars!




    9/9: Classroom Volunteers begin

    9/16- 9/20: Conference Week, noon dismissal

    Conference Schedule

    Remember, next week is conference week and each day next week is a 12:00 noon dismissal!  We look forward to meeting with you to talk about your child!


    Monday, Sept. 16

    *7:45  Strange Family

    *8:05  Bingham Family


    Tuesday, Sept. 17

    *7:45 Balt Family

    *8:05 Staino Family

    *12:40 Felson Family

    *1:00  Daniels Family

    *1:20  Simon Family


    Wednesday, Sept. 18

    *7:45  Hassan Family

    *8:05  Meinberg Family

    *12:40 Bellias Family

    *1:20  Baucom Family

    *2:40  Kuchera Family

    *3:00  Stack Family


    Thursday, September 19

    *12:40  Wakefield Family

    *1:20  Andrews Family

    *1:40  Holder Family

    *2:20  Anderson Family

    *2:40  Lynn Family


    Friday, September 20

    *7:45 Loder Family

    *8:05 Roberts Family


    Classroom Volunteers

    There are Classroom Coordinator positions still available!  

    *If you are interested, please go to the following link:



    From there:


    -Go to the Volunteer tab in the upper right corner

    -Go to Classroom Opportunities

    -Click 1st grade

    -From there you will see our class openings!


    Thank you all so much for your support!!


    September Reading and Math Classroom Volunteers

    *Begin Monday, September 9


    -Monday 9/9, 10:45-11:45  Kristin Strange

    -Monday 9/9, 12:30-1:15  Corene Bingham

    -Thursday 9/12, 9:45- 10:30 Christina Meinberg

    -Thursday 9/12, 10:45-11:45 Matt Wakefield

    -Monday 9/16, 10:45-11:45  Vanessa Loder

    -Monday 9/16, 12:30-1:15  Volunteer Cancelled, early dismissal

    -Thursday 9/19, 9:45-10:30  Lindsey Daniels

    -Thursday 9/19, 10:45-11:45  Marisa Lynn

    -Monday 9/23, 10:45-11:45  Kristin Strange

    -Monday 9/23, 12:30-1:15  Corene Bingham

    -Thursday 9/26, 9:45-10:30  Christina Meinberg

    -Thursday 9/26, 10:45-11:45 Matt Wakefield

    -Monday 9/30, 10:45-11:45  Emily Hare

    -Monday 9/30, 12:30-1:15  Kim Simon

    -Thursday 10/3 9:45-10:30 Stephanie Firestone

    -Thursday 10/3 10:45-11:45 Marisa Lynn


    Fall Friday Folder Volunteer: Leah Felson



    Scholastic Book Orders



    There are book orders in this week's Friday Folders.  We hope you find some fun fall books to enjoy!


    Book Orders Due by: Monday, September 23


    Class Code - QJ8P9


    *Online orders only please. No checks or cash! 


    First Time Ordering Online?
    •Go to

    •Enter our one-time Class Activation Code: QJ8P9
    •Shop and submit your child's book order.
    •Your books will be delivered directly to the classroom.


    A poster and a directions sheet will be sent home with your child the Friday before they are Star of the Week.  Please add pictures and answer the questions on the poster to return to school on Monday.  Friday morning at 8:30 we will have the star presentation- all family members are welcome!  




    *September 23- 27: Ben Simon

    *September 30- October 4: Bennett





    September homework will be due on Monday, September 30th.


    Homework will consist of two components, a mandatory reading calendar and a math game sent home periodically.  

    For those who want something extra, a monthly extra credit calendar filled with ideas will be sent home.  


    1.  Reading Calendar:  First graders are expected to practice reading for at least 20 minutes daily.  Remember, “reading time” can be either your child reading silently, out loud or you reading to them.  To show that your child has completed their 20 minutes of reading, have them draw a check mark or a happy face directly onto their reading calendar.  


    2.  Math:  Games will be sent home frequently in the Friday Folder.  Please keep all games at home for continued practice.  


    Extra Credit:  If your student would like additional assignments, an extra credit calendar will be on the back of the reading calendar.


    Homework is given monthly and the reading calendar (and extra credit calendar if complete) will be due on the last school day of each month to receive credit.


    We hope this helps to free up your evenings to do things that will correlate with student success- eat dinner with your family, read together, play outside and get your child to bed early.


    A Peek into Science Lab




    Fall Science Concept:  Patterns and Cycles in the Sky