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Contact Information

Mrs. Hagel:

Email is best and I try to check

at recess.  If you have a 

message that needs to

get to your child before

the end of the school day,

please call the office at

925.927.3550 and

have Mrs. Dahl call the classroom.


Mrs. Hagel's Family

Here we are in Tahoe after climbing Eagle Rock!   We love to be in Tahoe in the summer, but spend even more time there in the winter, when you can find us on the slopes most weekends!  Pictured with me: Sam (18), Grace (15), Henry (13) and Matt (40-something).IMG 6713.JPG

Our Aide:

Mrs. Stone is one of our aides this year and she will be in class Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Wednesday mornings!  We are so lucky to have her! 

Leslie Hagel


Thank you to Room 19 for the ultimate kindness experience as we collected 90 PAIRS OF SHOES for Kyler's Kicks!  The students sorted, counted and graphed (math); tied them all up (fine motor); wrote notes for each pair (handwriting and writing) and practiced thinking of others and kindness (life skills!)...I am SO proud of their efforts and I know that there will be 90 people with a smile on their face as a result of our project!

Professors of Phonics!

Rasheed, our Phonics Mascot, left us some words that all have digraphs!  So we became Professors of Digraphs, now!  Students learned about SH, CH, TH and WH and had a chance to look for these sounds in words. These are two letters that come together to make one sound!


Please make sure your child's Special Box that I passed out at Back To School Night is in a place where you child can access it every night. They will soon have a great repertoire of items to review and practice.  They can also keep their September Reading Calendar in there!  Coming home this week is your child's first paper reader which is a Just Right book that your child has practiced in school. Keep reading this book!  Also, in the Friday Folder is a math project and your child can cut up the dot/number cards and keep in a baggie. There are three ideas for games to play with them attached to the cards. I will send home at least two math games a week and 3-4 paper readers so you will soon have a full Special Box!  


Our First Grade team plans all of our field trips together.  This year, we will have three traveling field trips and one in-class STEM field trip. In your child's Friday Folder, you will find all of the permission slips and a request for a donation to help cover the cost of these experiences, which are directly linked to our curriculum. Thank you for returning the permission slips on Monday!  I will send out a request for drivers two weeks before the field trip. Thank you!


The following are just some of the learning activities we have done in Room 19 in our first week together:

*Daily Morning Warm-Ups

*Journal writing and remembering 'twin sentences'.

*Building our reading stamina...We have made it to 26 minutes!

*Just Right Book Boxes and using Reading Mats/Reading with Partners 

*VIP of the day to get to know all about our classmates

*Phonics: Learning about blends and digraphs.

*Memory, Go Fish and Top It games using dot and number cards. 

*Using number lines and counting on to solve addition problems. 

*Writing Workshop, telling a story after planning it out, adding more details to the words and pictures.

*SORT: This week we sorted words by beginning sound. 

*Mindful Moments after lunch recess. 

Specials This Week:

Library: Students that brought back their book on Thursday got to check out another book!


Music: Room 19 loves music and we are already learning a lot from Mrs. Schmidt, we go each Friday to see her!


Science: We went to the Science Lab this week to learn about shadows and the sun.


Social Studies: We read about Elmer and how we are each unique and special.


LPIE Art:  We begin LPIE Art in late September. 


Buddies: We played a board game to get to know our buddies and practice following directions!

Ask your first grader...

What is one kind thing you did this week for #BeKind21?

What is some thing as a Professor of Phonics that you know about your name? (syllables, vowels, tall/short letters)

What did we write on our notes that we put into the shoes we collected?


Conference Week: 12:00 dismissal 9/16-9/20

I have sent home conference reminders, so please send back your confirmation in the Friday Folder. 






Parent Volunteers

PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN HELP: Parent Volunteers begin in October, schedule forthcoming. We have many slots left for the following subjects and times, please email me if you can fill a time, they are all every other week unless you would like every week!   This is a big part of our math and reading program, so please know how much I appreciate your time.

Reading: T/TH 9:45-10:30

Math: T/TH 12:40-1:30




The sharing topic for next week is:

Come to school ready to tell about something you CAN do! This week will be 'telling sharing' so you don't have to remember to bring anything from home!

Star of the Week:

We are still doing our VIPS throughout September! Each day we get to know one student and they are our leader and VIP for the day!