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Contact Information

Mrs. Hagel:

Email is best and I try to check

at recess.  If you have a 

message that needs to

get to your child before

the end of the school day,

please call the office at

925.927.3550 and

have Mrs. Dahl call the classroom.


Mrs. Hagel's Family

Here we are in Tahoe after climbing Eagle Rock!   We love to be in Tahoe in the summer, but spend even more time there in the winter, when you can find us on the slopes most weekends!  Pictured with me: Sam (17), Grace (14), Henry (12) and Matt (40-something).IMG 6713.JPG

Our Aide:

Mrs. Stone is one of our aides this year and she will be in class Tuesdays and Thursdays!  We are so lucky to have her, she also was a kindergarten aide so some of you may remember her from Room 2 Kindergarten last year!  

Leslie Hagel


Each day, students have been reading and building stamina.  Up until Friday, they were reading from tubs of books organized by author or subject.  The idea behind building stamina is that we are "doing something for a long time without giving up" and students have had a chance to practice taking care of books, turning pages, using pictures to build stories, recognizing familiar words...and most importantly to stick with it! We are up to reading quietly for 22 minutes!  This week, students chose Just Right Books (see Back to School Night packet for full description and how to choose a Just Right Book) and put these books in their very own Book Box. Students also got a Reading Mat...ask your first grader how they used a Reading Mat to help them be organized and read for a long time! I am so proud of Room 19 Readers!


If you are seeing work come home and numbers or letters are underlined, that indicates that that symbol is correct, but is written backward. Please help your child to correct this at home!  I do many corrections at school, but often send home the Morning Warm Up with some underlines for students to fix up at home if you have time. Thank you!


The following are just some of the learning activities we have done in Room 19 in our first weeks together:

*Daily Morning Warm-Ups

*Journal writing

*Building our reading stamina and reading for longer and longer

*Just Right Book Boxes and using Reading Mats

*VIP of the day to get to know all about our classmates

*Writing Workshop...We began our How To Unit and wrote books about brushing teeth and how to go to snack

*I Can Book to show what we know about numbers, letters and sounds 

*Little Red Riding Hood reading and comprehension activity

*Reviewed school and class rules

*Addition practice using two sided beans

*Math games: Dot/Number Card Memory, Go Fish and Top It, Sparkle, Guess My Number

Specials This Week:

Library: We had our first visit to the library and each student got to check out one book. PLEASE BE SURE TO RETURN BOOKS ON MONDAY! 


Music: Room 19 loves music and we are already learning a lot from Mrs. Brummel, we go each Friday to see her!


Science: We went to the Science Lab this week for some hands on science learning. 


Social Studies: We read a book called Do Unto Others and also created a class book where  students shared their thoughts about how to treat others. 


LPIE Art:  We begin LPIE Art in late September. 


Buddies: We will be doing an activity with our buddies next week!


Conference Week: 12:00 dismissal 9/24-9/28


Parent Volunteers begin in October 


Teach In-Service, no school on October 8th


Parent Volunteers


Parent Volunteers:

I will have a calendar for Parent Volunteers out in the next couple of weeks!


Most parent volunteers begin in October with the exception of the following:

Friday Folders, every Friday at 8:30 in Sept: LINDSAY LIU

LPIE Art, Friday 9/28 at 10:45: CHRISTINE ERB





*This week there is a math game using dot/number cards to add to your child's special box.  Soon, you will see sight words and books coming home!


From last week: Please remember to put the Special Box that you brought home from Back to School Night in a special place!  The first September Homework calendar was in the box when it went home with you, as well as a Reading Strategies bookmark.  In next week's Friday Folder, you will find the first math game that I am sending home.  (It will be useful if you have a deck of cards you can use for math games with the place cards removed!)  Please play this game and then keep it, as well as the paper readers, word lists and other games that will begin to come home each week.  You can revisit this Special Box for practice all year long!  Thank you for helping your child with this organizational tool.


The sharing topic for next week is:

We are going to continue from last week with sharing our favorite book, so if you did not bring one, please do so...

Bring in a favorite book to share with the class.  
Be sure to label it!


Star of the Week:

We are still doing our VIPS throughout September!