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Poem of the Week



Stir a bowl of gingerbread

Smooth and spicy brown

Roll it with a rolling pin

Up and up and down 

With a cookie cutter

Make some little men

Put them in the oven

Until half past ten!

Social Studies

Unit 2: Time and Place


Some topics of study:

-Using maps and globes

-States, Continents and Oceans

-Models and Locations

-Map making, Map Legends and Directions

-Where do we live?

-Weather and shelter

Science Lab


Fall Unit of StudyPatterns and Cycles in the Sky


Students will engage in lessons on the following topics:


*Sun and Moon

*Star patterns and cylces

*Day and Night

*Fall planting in the garden

Scholastic Book Orders


If you would like to order books online (  our class code is Q8XDY.

Growth Mindset Video

Abigail Ehrhorn



Week of: December 3

Hi Families!


Here's our week at a glance . . .


Writers Workshop

We have finished publishing our favorite small moment stories!  These books went home this weekend to be shared with you at home.  Please take a moment to write a positive comment and/or compliment on the back page.  I've asked your first grader to share their book with at least 3 people.  Please send these books back in to class on Monday - thank you!


Readers Workshop 

The class has been doing a great job remembering to bring in their book bags on Friday!  You may have noticed on the "keep at home" side of the folder are some leveled paper books.  These are books that your child has been practicing in class throughout the week and they should be "experts" on.  These paper books are great to collect and keep in their homework box to continue practicing during their homework reading time!



In math we spent some time learning about fact families.  The class also created a paper gingerbread house displaying a fact family.  We also learned how to play Dreidel and practiced making different patterns using snap cubes.


Social Studies

We are continuing our unit on holiday traditions around the world.  This week we learned about Mexico and the origin of the poinsettia.  We also traveled to Israel to learn about Hanukkah.  We will continue to visit more countries and learning different customs.  Please let me know if you have any holidays/traditions that you would like to share with us!


Respect Award

Congratulations to our Respect Award recipients!


Food Drive

Student Council is running a canned food drive at school.  Thank you for sending in cans!


Have a great weekend!





Volunteer Schedule

Ask your first grader . . .

1.  What countries did we visit in our Holiday traditions unit?

2.  What is a fact family?

3.  What did we do in Science Lab this week?  (hint: B-Bots)



Star of the Week

Next Week: Landon

Up Next:

1/7: Lincoln

1/14: Lochlan

1/22: Aly

1/28: Nolan

2/4: Cammy

2/11: Lucy

2/19: Matthew


Important Dates

Dec. 21:  Winter Sing (8:45am) and 12:15 Dismissal

Dec. 24-Jan.4:  Winter Break

Jan. 21: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (no school)





A Tongue Twister

Sharing Schedule

Tuesday:  Adhem, Aly, Audrey, Cammy, Cole, Isabella 

Wednesday: Jack, Julian, Kellen, Landon, Lincoln, Lochlan, Louisa

Thursday: Lucy, Lyla, Marie, Matthew, McKenna, Nick

Friday: Niky, Nolan, Oliver, Rosaura, Scarlett, Silas