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Our class password is: aehrhorn0

Poem of the Week

This is the Fall


Grapes in the vineyard,

Purple and dark;

Brown leaves are floating

Down in the park.


Red are the apples,

Plenty for all.

This is the harvest,

This is the fall.


Nona Keen Duffy




Social Studies

Unit 1: Citizenship


Some topics of study:

-How do we make rules?

-How do we show respect?


-Rights and opinions


Science Lab



Patterns and Cycles in the sky/

Light and Sound


Scholastic Book Orders


If you would like to order books online (  our class code is Q8XDY.

Growth Mindset Video

This is a great video to watch:

The Power of Belief - Mindset and Success: Eduardo Briceno at TEDxManhattanBeach


Abigail Ehrhorn


Week of: September 9



Dear Parents of Room 18,


It was another busy, fun-filled week in first grade!  Here are some high-lights!



We learned some new sight words!  We also reviewed the 5-step process to turning a new word into a snap word.  We spent time practicing our printing as we wrote each new snap word as well.

Writers Workshop

We practiced thinking of a BIG moment and then writing down small moments from that big moment.  Students then picked one of those smaller moments to write about.  We also practiced adding our 5 senses into our writing - what did you hear, taste, smell, feel  and see?  The class is writing a lot!  It's so fun to watch them grow in their writing!

Readers Workshop

We wrote down reading goals this week (see below).  We also practiced keeping track of our reading with tally marks.  The class also learned a fun, new phonics program on the computer called LexiaCore 5!  I will pass on your childs' log-in information at our parent/teacher conference.


In math we've been working on adding doubles.  We are also continuing our dot talks and math number talks.  The class is also learning how to log-in to a new math game called Zearn.



Thank you for returning your childs' permission slip and field trip donation so promptly!  I think I almost have all them turned in!

Don't forget next week is NOON DISMISSAL for parent/teacher conferences.  I look forward to meeting with all of you!


I hope everyone has a wonderful, restful weekend!



Volunteer Schedule

Ask your first grader . . .

1.  What did we do in P.E. this week with Coach K?

2.  What did Rasheed bring us this week?

3.  What is running club in first grade?

4.  What is their reading goal that they wrote on a star?


Star of the Week

Next Week: None

Up Next:

Jonas 9/23

Kushal 9/30

Nayla 10/7

Dash 10/21

Delaney 10/28

Olivia 11/4

James 11/18

Sophie 12/9

Rya 12/9

Mystery Reader - who's next?

10/16 - Cellura

10/23 - Boudreau

10/30 - Weaver

11/6 - McCormick

11/13 - Quillinan

12/11 - Moraveji

12/18 - Listiko



How can you be a good friend?


Sharing Schedule

Tuesday: Alexis, Amelia, Andy, Dash, Delaney, Ilyusha

Wednesday: Gavin, Jack, Jackson, James, Jonas, Julia

Thursday: Kate, Kush, Nayla, Olivia, Rya, Sophie

Friday: Tahlia, Trevor, Valentina, Vaughn, Wyatt

Important Dates

September 2 - Labor Day

Week of September 16-20 - Conference Week (noon dismissal)