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Parking Lot Procedures


South Parking Lot Traffic Procedures


In order to make our South Parking Lot as safe as possible, please follow the rules listed below.


1. Use the crosswalk when going from the parking lot to the campus and returning to your car from the campus. It is unsafe for pedestrians and our drivers when parents “dart” across from the parking lot to the campus.

2. Have your child exit on the passenger side of the vehicle when you are picking up/dropping off your child. This is safest as there will be cars moving through the other two lanes to park or go to Merriewood. Also, you are encouraged to help your child practice exiting the vehicle on his/her own.

3. Only drop off between the speed bumps when dropping off your child. Please have your child wait to exit the vehicle until you have pulled over the speed bump in front of the kindergarten playground. Do not drop your child off on the hill or before the speed bump as this will cause delays and cars pulling around you to “get ahead.”

4. Pull forward as far as possible when picking up/dropping off your child. This will allow more cars to fit in between the speed bumps to pick up/drop off kids, speeding up the process of getting kids where they need to be.  

5. Mind the handicapped and no parking zones. We have students and adults who use the handicapped drop off each day. Do not use this zone for the pick up or drop off of your child without the proper placard.

6. Use the parking lot or street parking if you wish to exit the vehicle with your child. We welcome parents to park and walk their children to class.

7. Wait until you are at the front of the drop off lane if you need more time for drop off your child. While we encourage you to park and walk your child in if you need more time, if must help your child exit the vehicle, please wait until you are at the front of the line so that you are not blocking any of the pick-up/drop-off area. Keep in mind that adults will be at the curb to help your child exit the vehicle so you do not need to get out to help.

As always, we encourage you to be patient, safe, and respectful. Please look around, be mindful of the children that are picked up in the parking lots, pay attention to signs, our crossing guards, and our traffic patrol. Thank you again for your help and support!