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Thanks to our LPIE Art Instructors for a great year of creative projects!

Second Grade

2nd Grade Teachers

Second Grade Curriculum

Second grade is a wonderful year of new learning.  Children participate in a variety of fun and exciting programs allowing for optimum success and growth.  This year's curriculum includes the following:


Language Arts:


  • Readers' Workshop
  • Fluency and Expression
  • Enjoyment and appreciation of literature


  • Writers' Workshop
  • Prompt Writing
  • Research Report Writing
  • Grammar


  • Pattern based spelling
  • Word work


  • Math Workshop
  • Problem Solving 
  • Math Fact Practice

Social Studies:

  • Map skills
  • Comparing the past and present
  • Family Heritage
  • Historical Figures
  • Government and Economics

Physical Education: 100 minutes per week

  • 2nd Grade PE Rotation
  • Morning stretch
  • Class PE


  • Processes that Shape the Earth
  • Properties of Matter and Engineering
  • Plants and Pollination
  • Earth's Biomes and Diversity of Life

Specials: Music, Library, Science Lab, Innovation Hour



character counts

Second Grade Teachers

Mrs. Stryker

Mr. Shaw

Mrs. Leach 

Ms. Davies

Mr. Turner